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The simplest way to share LIVE locations between friends - ONLY with the ones you choose!

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Why Wave?

Check out the awesome features

Temporary Sharing
with anybody!

Share your LIVE location also with those who don’t have Wave installed! 15 min, or more!

Create Groups up to 10 People

Wave with a bunch of people at the same time. Feel free to exit groups at any time.

Built in lightning fast

Stuck in the traffic? No worries, use our fab chat - and you'll never wait another minute.

Locates your friends on a Private map

Every open Wave is completely private. You won’t share your location with anybody you don’t wish to.

Real-Time and for a Limited Period Of Time

The duration of each Wave will always be decided by both ends and you'll always be aware of until when it will last.

Set a Meeting Point on the map

Pick a restaurant or any other place that you see close to each of you on the map and meet there.

How does it Work?

Wave is really simple. Everybody who has a smartphone in his or her pocket should be able to easily use this app.

Wave In Action!

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What they say About Us

It has become the most useful and the simplest solution to solve everyday situations. The app uses technology as an accomplice to the real life and makes it easier for people to find each other.


It's not the only app of this kind but it's the one that shines the brightest. With Wave there are no more doubts...you don't have to be in a constant communication with your friends in order to arrive in the same place at the same time.


Wave is transforming the way that people interact, communicate and travel. The Spanish initiative came in response to a clear need: to develop a solution-based technology that allows people to connect with their locations in the easiest way possible.


Wave, la 'app' que abre un mapa temporal entre dos usuarios para que compartan su ubicación, supone un remedio para macroeventos o lugares desconocidos.

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