Frequently Asked Questions

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¿What is Wave? Wave is the new PRIVATE LOCATION APP. A mobile app in which you can easily locate your contacts in a map in a private and safe way.

What is a geoconversation? Geoconversations is the method used by Wave in order for you to locate your contacts. Once you open a Wave with somebody (a geoconversation) you will be able to see each other position privately in a real­time map, for as long as you want.

Accepted Platforms Wave has been launched for iPhone and Android users, but we are working on Windows Phone versions which will be released shortly.

Privacy All your contact details are encripted and kept safe in our private database. You can access, modify or erase them by emailing us at Every push notification for both position and messages are also encrypted,and we don’t keep any record of user’s position, location or routes taken in Wave app. Privacy is the most important part of Wave Please read our detailed privacy policy at

Notifications Notifications are mandatory in order to use Wave, given that the app uses these push notifications on order to send your location. You must turn on your notifications in Settings > Notifications > Wave.

Connection Required Wave requires a 3G connection or WIFI access to operate and achieve best results.

Battery Usage Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life, as in every app which uses geolocation services.

Start waving


How do I start a Wave? It’s really simple. Just select a friend from your contact list, and open a Wave with him. Once he or she accepts you will

How do I delete a Wave? Waves can be deleted in 2 ways. By swiping each Wave, or by hitting “Edit” at the top left hand corner of the “Waves” menu and then deleting the Wave/s you want to erase. Once you delete a Wave it will automatically expire in your contact’s phone and you won’t be able to see your position anymore.

How long does a Wave request last for? For as long as you want. When you request a Wave to one of your contacts you’ll need to set a certain time to have this Wave open. They’ll be able to accept your Wave request or ask for a different time in return. Once any of you accept the other person’s last request, the Wave will be open for that amount time. You’ll be able to see how much time remains in blue at the top right hand corner of each Wave.

What happens after a wave ends? Once the time is up and the Wave is expired, no one will be able to see the other’s position in the map. You can always request more time to open the Wave again.

Why isn’t my friend’s position accurate? (Position Outdated) When a Wave doesn’t receive a connection the app interprets something may be wrong. This may be due to:

Group waves

How I start a group? By hitting the “+” button at the top right hand corner in the groups menu. Or hitting the “Create Group Wave” button at the top of your Contact’s list. Select up to 10 of your contacts, name your group and set a time. You will only be able to see and be seen in a group once you accept to join, no matter when the rest of the members did it.

How I delete a group? You can delete a group in 3 different ways. By swiping or hitting the “edit” button, just like a normal Wave, or directly at the bottom of the group’s info.

How do I invite someone after creating a group? You can access the group info after hitting the “edit” button in the “Groups” menu or at the top right hand corner inside the group’s map. At the bottom of the member’s list, you need to click “Add more members” and select them from your contacts.

Can I invite someone if i’m not the owner of the group? Only the owner of a group can add more people.


What is Favorites and How it Works? “Favorites” automatically shows all your contacts that have installed Wave in their phones. “Contacts” shows all your contacts in your phone’s address book.

How the favorites are updated? You will need to update “Favorites” manually by pulling the list down and refreshing it.

I see a number instead of a name When you see a number instead of a name it can mean 2 things: