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Wave Application on Mobile

Private Location App

Locate your contacts real-time in a private map for a limited period of time.

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Wave Application on Smartphones
Android & Apple Logos

App for iOS

Wave is optimized for each operating system. Check out your store and download it now!

Location Logo

Locates your contacts
in a PRIVATE map

Every open Wave is completely private. You won't share your location with anybody you don't wish to.

Time Logo

REAL-TIME and for a

The duration of each Wave will always be decided by both ends. You’ll constantly be aware of how long you are sharing your location for.

People Logo

Create groups
up to 10 people

Wave with a bunch of people at the same time. You can freely join or exit each group.

Marker Logo

Set up a Meeting Point
in the Map

You can search for an address or a place and set it as Meeting Point. And even get directions to it!

Smartphone Chat Logo


You can also chat with every member of an active Wave!

Outdoor sports

Stop calling or texting
every time you need to know where your friends are.

Music festivals / Concerts

Real-time location only visible
for as long as you all agree.

Trips / Tourism

Meeting made easy and fun
in unknown cities...

Mother and daughter

She opens a Wave with her mother when she goes out
at night for her to know she’s ok.

Romantic Date

"Honey, I'm on my way"
"Yeah, I can see you moving on the map!"

Business Meeting

I'll set up the client's address as meeting point
and check everyone is on their way.

Bike rides, Hiking Routes, Security

Check everyone's all right
with a simple tap

Friends gatherings, Hanging out

Wave is the best tool for any time 2 or more people
wish to meet in a simple, effective and efficient way.

How does it work?

Wave is really simple. Everybody who has a smartphone in his or her pocket should be able to easily use this app.

Application Screen Open a Wave
Open a Wave

Just pick someone from your Wave contacts and request to see each other’s position for as long as you wish.

Application Screen Request Pending
Request Pending

Your contact will receive a push notification indicating that you wish to open a Wave with him for a limited period of time.

Application Screen Request Accepted
Request Accepted

Once your contact accepts your request, both your locations will privately be shown in a live map!

Every open Wave is bringing people together in real life.

And joining people always means the beginning of something new.

Our Core Values

These are our main strengths and the reasons why people are loving to use Wave.

Screenshot Splash Screen Screenshot Privacy Screenshot Temporary Sharing Screenshot Real Time Screenshot Bidirectional


Privacy is the heart and essence of Wave. You don't want to be found by everyone, just by the ones you choose and at the moment you decide to.

Temporary sharing

Once the Wave expires, you won't be able to see each other's location anymore, until you both decide to re-activate that Wave.

Real time

It’s amazing how you can see your contacts icons moving in real-time.


If somebody can see your position, you can see his or hers. You open an individual map with every contact, not just a general one for all. Fair and square.

Tap each icon to discover
our Core Values ;)

Icon Privacy
Icon Temporary Sharing
Icon Real Time
Icon Bidirectional

What people say about Wave

Private Location App

An effective and efficient solution for your day-to-day

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